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Safe Spaces

One of the most common impediments to eradicating inappropriate or even illegal behavior in the theatre is the absence of a clear and communicated process for reporting misconduct when it occurs.

Countless theatre companies across the country fall below minimum employee thresholds that would provide for state and federal anti-discrimination laws to reach their support staff, crew, and artists. As a result, theatre community members are often left without an outlet for reporting discriminatory, harassing, or inappropriate behavior without risking retaliation, retraumatization, or reputational harm.

Theatre cannot maintain this culture of silence.

Whisper networks will never fully protect individuals from serial predators or pervasive discrimination in our community.

This is why I have developed a comprehensive, experience-based, and trauma-informed model for complaint reporting, investigation, and resolution for use by regional and community theatre companies.

Using my expertise and experience in civil rights and employment discrimination law, I can help you develop proactive, comprehensive, and comprehensible policies to empower your community and prevent misconduct in your spaces.

Work with me to develop individualized policies to serve your unique needs.

Such policies, forms, processes, and services include, but are but not limited to:

Policies against discrimination and harassment

Codes of conduct

Complaint resolution procedures

Training sessions for leadership, production teams, support staff, artists, crews, and volunteers

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