Lex Scripta is a creative outlet and intellectual forum, where law, policy, and the arts converge to advance social justice for all. Derived from the Latin phrase meaning “the written law,” Lex Scripta posits that by telling the story of the human experience, theatre ultimately has the power to shape the laws and systems of the society it reflects.

The Mission

Occupying the space between the seemingly distinct worlds of law and theatre, Lex Scripta exists to enhance communication and collaboration between the two communities. By analyzing theatre from a legal and political perspective, it aims to highlight the ways art and law reflect – and ultimately shape – our society.

Now, more than ever, these communities must work together to uplift narratives that can open minds, change perspectives, and bring a human face to complex legal and political challenges.

The Creator

Kaiya Lyons is a public interest attorney with nearly ten years of experience litigating and advocating for civil rights and access to justice. Living and thriving in the space between policy and the performing arts, she believes that cultivating a dialogue between these communities is a critical component of political activism and public service.

Kaiya is a senior staff attorney living and working in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of the George Washington University and University of Minnesota Law School. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Monumental Theater Company Board of Directors and the Co-Chair of the American Constitution Society D.C. Lawyer Chapter Outreach Committee.

The History

Lex Scripta (formerly Breaching the Fourth Wall) was created in 2017 to document and uplift artists using theatre to respond to actions of the newly inaugurated Trump Administration. By critically analyzing the ways in which law and the arts both exemplify and challenge society, Lex Scripta aims to bring light to how these groups can work together to shape a more equitable and inclusive world.